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This activity furthers the process of fascinating sentence writing using phrase manipulation as a primary method. There are three phrase lists, each made up of 100 items. This packet will aid students in creating a healthy 1,000,000 fascinating, grammatically correct […]

Writing Mastery

Click to Preview This novelette was written to fascinate and intrigue readers. It begins where Flashes of Insight ends, revealing the ongoing exploits of a family, the Cunninghams, smitten by tragedy and cursed by a dying king — but brought […]

Rage and Retribution

Click to Preview Bridging the Chasm contains some of the most powerful and effective gap-bridging units. What makes them gap-bridging is not their physical composition alone; but rather, it is their tandem use and application. There are essentially three components […]

Bridging the Chasm

Flashes of Insight, in all five of its units, offers something that’s essential for struggling and unmotivated secondary readers: It tells an intriguing story twice — the first time (The “A” version) is on a middle school level and the […]

Flashes of Insight

This tool is a TEXTBOOK of 23 lessons. All are CCSS/PARCC-aligned! Each makes learning and reviewing the basics of grammar rules and applications practical and fun. They also create very necessary links between grammar, punctuation, and actual writing tasks! They’re […]

Grammar Focus

This text contains Socializing Vocabulary for the ESOL student. Its Reading, Writing, & Vocabulary Strategies are both unique and powerful! It contains tools and tactics that can be found nowhere else! This text was written to provide English and reading […]

Tools and Tactics for the English Teacher

Click to Preview This tool is designed to make warm-ups easy, challenging, and fun. There are four (4) slides to each day’s drill: an introductory ID slide; a “What’s Wrong” slide; a “What’s Right” slide; and a “This is Why” […]

CCSS: Daily Grammar Drill