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Click to preview Grades: 6th – 12th, Adult Eduction, Homeschool Description Flashes of Insight, in all five of its units, offers something that’s essential for struggling and unmotivated secondary readers: It tells an intriguing story twice — the first time […]

Flashes of Insight – Interactive

Click to Preview Grades: 6th – 12th, College Prep, Homeschool Description This is an excellent study aid for advanced vocabulary students or for students who want to be advanced.  This is a perfect preparation study for the SAT/ACT exams! It […]

SAT Vocabulary with Connotative Precision Interactive Study Aid

Click to Preview SAT Study Aid This vocabulary program was designed to be an in-class series of lessons taught by the teacher or an independent study assignment for high level students who work well independently or in peer groups! It […]

Vocabulary Power with Connotative Precision