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Flashes of Insight, in all five of its units, offers something that’s essential for struggling and unmotivated secondary readers: It tells an intriguing story twice — the first time (The “A” version) is on a middle school level and the […]

Flashes of Insight

Struggling & Reluctant Readers (Drills 22 – 42)! This text continues the process of laying down fluency foundations in struggling readers. It features a variety of subject topics, leaning heavily on those that are science-related. These brief selections have proven […]

42 Days to Reading Fluency II

The philosophy governing this reading program hinges on the application of several well established and scientifically demonstrable educational practices: repeated reading (Allington, 2001, p. 82); leveled questioning (Ryder & Graves, 1999, p. 103-107); and the writing of unaided summaries / […]

42 Days to Reading Fluency 1