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Click to preview Grades: 6th – 12th, Adult Eduction, Homeschool Description Flashes of Insight, in all five of its units, offers something that’s essential for struggling and unmotivated secondary readers: It tells an intriguing story twice — the first time […]

Flashes of Insight – Interactive

Click to Preview This novelette was written to fascinate and intrigue readers. It begins where Flashes of Insight ends, revealing the ongoing exploits of a family, the Cunninghams, smitten by tragedy and cursed by a dying king — but brought […]

Rage and Retribution

Click to Preview SAT Study Aid This vocabulary program was designed to be an in-class series of lessons taught by the teacher or an independent study assignment for high level students who work well independently or in peer groups! It […]

Vocabulary Power with Connotative Precision

Click to Preview Bridging the Chasm contains some of the most powerful and effective gap-bridging units. What makes them gap-bridging is not their physical composition alone; but rather, it is their tandem use and application. There are essentially three components […]

Bridging the Chasm

PARCC: Character Names in Greek & Roman Myth That Became English Words! This tool helps students begin to recognize words that are commonly used in modern English that derived from classic Greek and Roman Mythologies. This is a base list […]

PARCC: Character Names in Greek & Roman Myth

This text contains Socializing Vocabulary for the ESOL student. Its Reading, Writing, & Vocabulary Strategies are both unique and powerful! It contains tools and tactics that can be found nowhere else! This text was written to provide English and reading […]

Tools and Tactics for the English Teacher

ESOL Vocabulary That’s Never Taught!: IDIOMS Are Socializing Vocabulary! Class discussions on idioms are some of the most fun-filled and eye-opening that you’ll ever teach! So many students grow up in our country not hearing and thus not grasping the […]

ESOL Vocabulary