ESOL Vocabulary

ESOL Vocabulary That’s Never Taught!: IDIOMS Are Socializing Vocabulary!
Class discussions on idioms are some of the most fun-filled and eye-opening that you’ll ever teach! So many students grow up in our country not hearing and thus not grasping the “language of the people,” which to a great extent includes an incredible number of colorful idiomatic expressions! Students are not fully prepared to fully interact in our culture if they are not familiar with the daily idioms that characterize typical speech in America! For so many of our foreign born citizens (especially), idioms are just big words that nobody taught them; thus, they are, on a daily basis, missing out on the subtleties of intimate communication in the adult world! I have discovered that teaching idioms is just as necessary as teaching grammar or social manners. It should be an urgent and indispensable component of all language arts curricula! Plus, students are absolutely fascinated by them and begin to feast on them as voraciously as they do any delicacy they first get to try!