Tools and Tactics for the English Teacher

This text contains Socializing Vocabulary for the ESOL student. Its Reading, Writing, & Vocabulary Strategies are both unique and powerful! It contains tools and tactics that can be found nowhere else!

This text was written to provide English and reading teachers with the tools they need to more effectively teach today’s secondary students. It contains unique vocabulary that includes idioms, axioms, adages, proverbs, and all manners of figurative language that today’s multicultural classrooms require! It contains unique reading strategies including inference strategies that open the doors of understanding as to how to “read between the lines.” This helps dual language students as well as struggling readers gain basic skills that must be in place before any meaningful degree of fluency can be attained. The book also includes writing strategies that demonstrate what effective writing looks like and a teacher section that demonstrates teaching tactics that are both powerful and exciting to implement in the classroom.