Vocabulary Power with Connotative Precision

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SAT Study Aid

This vocabulary program was designed to be an in-class series of lessons taught by the teacher or an independent study assignment for high level students who work well independently or in peer groups! It combines vocabulary acquisition with close reading in a seamless and fascinating manner!
Many college and university entrance exams feature deep vocabulary knowledge as the most exact indicator of a student’s potential and aptitude to do college-level work. In terms of literacy, vocabulary mastery is the key to reading fluency as well as writing clarity. Mechanics and phonemics aside, it’s vocabulary power that enables the accurate, precise phrasing and interpreting of every crucial message.
This text is a 500 word compendium, and is organized to make word acquisition easier. It accomplishes this by congregating the terms in synonymous groupings. In these groupings, the shades of difference become starkly manifest; thus, understanding which term is the best term for what you want to say (imply) or understand becomes a simplistic and interesting task. And, studying the terms in such groupings allows their subtleties to hail themselves; for, each subtlety is actually stated and demonstrated in a pointed, contextualized sentence.
The denotations and statements contained in this reference were determined using three criteria as primary indicators: (1) most frequent current use, (2) the presence of rootwords, and (3) the etymology or historical derivation of each term.
After your explorations through each of the synonymous groupings, the pre-test is provided to demonstrate the value of your study. Also, after each ten pages of study, there is a cloze exercise available in the Review Exercise sections. Before the students read the cloze narrative, a colorful Pre-Reading Prediction Graphic is provided to generate mental pictures and begin the process of plot and theme acquisition. Of course, the master test is at the end of the tenth unit.