Rage and Retribution

This novella is a quick, fascinating read for school age and adult readers. It tells a tale of good and evil, of passion and pride, of families that love and hate!

Enter the bizarre world of The Hill People, where savagery rules the hearts of the evil and the good. This novella begins where Flashes of Insight ends!

This novella tells the story of the Cunningham Clan and their conflicts with The Hill People. It’s a story of kidnapping and rescue. It tells how unbridled passions oftentimes lead to as much evil as good. It’s a story of innocence and guilt – of civilized man and his uncivilized tendencies. It’s equipped with twists and turns, unlikely heroes, and sadistic villains. It was written with multiple audiences in mind: the lovers of drama; the teachers bent on opening more broadly the literary world to their students; and for those who just like good stories.

This story begins where the conflicts end in story 5 — Vengeance and the Bond — in Flashes of Insight (2007). If you appreciated those stories, you’ll love this book! If you didn’t have an opportunity to read them yet, Rage & Retribution comes with a short prologue that sets the stage with a brief history.
Price: $9.99